unfolding our menu


Greca was created as a restaurant unfolded, a place where all the different elements of a restaurant are highlighted and given their own spotlight. We offer gastronomic experiences that range from handmade pastries and bread from our Organic Bakery to a wide selection of Greek cheeses from our Feta Bar; our coffee is sourced from Colombia through Devocion coffee and our cocktails are designed to feature craft spirits from around the world.

Most importantly, we are offering a menu that is inspired by the Blue Zones of the world in our effort to promote longevity through food and lifestyle. These five Blue Zones extend across the world, and although they are isolated from each other they feature similar ingredients and attitudes towards food, all the while providing their inhabitants with unparalleled longevity.

We have fashioned our menu to reflect their attitudes and their food choices as we have seen that in today's world of overabundance, the answer to wellness and well-being is not a single diet but a concentrated lifestyle. We offer a menu that is primarily vegetarian and highlights beans, vegetables and ingerdients sourced from around the world. Our recipes extend beyond our Greek background and provide a multisensory experience of food coming from all the different compartments of our establishment, whether that be the oven, or the feta bar, or the kitchen. 


we are proud of our suppliers

  • demetra organics, providing us with the naturally low gluten and low in sugar grain zea

  • devocion coffee, providing us with farm-fresh third wave colombian coffee

  • tea dealers, providing us with a selection of the world's finest teas

  • hellenic farms, providing us with the finest greek gourmet products