We are the Greeks of TriBeCa.

4 years ago we set out to create our little home away from home on Greenwich street. Our little family grew day by day, year by year, until it started becoming a community.

As every Greek home belongs to a community we set out to create the larger counterpart to our modest establishment, forming it into the centerpiece of every neighborhood which is a bakery. A bakery is the center of a neighborhood and our every day lives. Bread being the cornerstone of nearly every meal in the Mediterranean diet, the bakery becomes an integral part of every community. The ability to produce the most sustaining foods and the most indulging pastries as well as the friendliness of the people has been the most inspiring element to bring this concept to the neighborhood we slowly started to call home.

We have been fortunate enough to receive the love and welcome of one the most prosperous neighborhoods in NYC and all we can do is by providing our community, and our neighborhood the central spot that brings everything together. A multi-experiential space to respond to the discerning tastes of one of the richest culinary neighborhoods.

We look forward to hosting you and indulging you in a friendly and vibrant neighborhood hangout place. Where everyone who doesn't know each other will eventually care about their neighbor.